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Become an Independent Distributor!

If you would like to become one of thousands making their niche in the Multi-Level Marketing business, then Nature's Sunshine Products offers a unique program. Nature's Sunshine Products has been in business since 1972. The company is now known world wide.

You can be assured of getting the finest products in the world with our in-house Quality Control's battery of rigid tests. NSP doesn't accept any products unless they pass rigid testing. NSP only uses all natural and organically grown products. When NSP refuses a shipment of herbs due to contamination or just not up to their standards, maybe they are sold to someone else down the street! Who buys them?  Some of our competitors don't have the capability to ensure contamination free herbs. And there is no law demanding a quality control to be used. Just some basic simple rules set by FDA to follow. Check out our page on this by clicking on the Quality Control link above. Be sure you are getting clean and the highest quality products. Purchase Nature's Sunshine Products. NSP has an iron clad 100% money back guarantee.

When you are a distributor, you are entitled to purchase all the products at cost! That in itself is enough incentive to sign up because this would save you over 30% off the regular price. Most people get started this way. Then the neighbors want some herbs, then Mom, Dad, Brothers, Sisters and so on. They are all standing in line for their herbs & vitamins! You know a few people who would like to participate in this great Network Marketing program and they would know a few people and they would know a few people and so on. People helping people! It is rewarding to help someone gain their health back and build their business to gain their independence.

More and more people are becoming concerned about their health. They are taking matters into their own hands by walking 20 minutes every day to get their exercise, fresh air and sunshine. They are eating proper foods and taking Herbs, Vitamins & Minerals as a supplement to their daily diet to help stay healthy!

It is really simple to get started. Just E-Mail us to request an NSP application form. Send us your name, US MAIL address, e-mail address and we will reply via return mail with an application and order form. We will also send you a catalog and master price sheet, so you can order products at the direct cost price. Just purchase $40.00 worth of products at our direct cost of your choice and receive a FREE membership!  This free membership would be for anyone who wishes to purchase products at cost, but for those wishing to build an NSP direct sales business may purchase the Opportunity Kit for only $20.00 in addition at the time of sign up (or at anytime thereafter). The kit contains various tools for business-building, plus additional product information resources. Distributors also receive a one-year subscription to Sunshine Horizons magazine (bimonthly). There are no minimum purchases or quotas to maintain your Independent Distributorship! Your distributorship is good for one (1) full year. It only costs $20.00 to renew your distributorship each year. Again, no minimum requirements. NSP memberships are available in English or Spanish languages.

See below for our marketing plans! A check is mailed to you every month just like clock work. You can depend on it being there. If you have any other questions, please feel free to e-mail or call us at any time. Thank you!

Peter Hutchins
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NOTICE: This page only applies in the USA. If you live in another country, there may be restrictions. NSP membership is available in a few other countries at various prices: Argentina, Austrailia, Bolivia, Brasil, Canada, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvadore, Guam, Guatemala, Honduras, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Peru, Philapines, Singapore, United Kingdom, and Venezuela. Please contact us for further information. Thanks.

The Monthly Payment Plans as follows:

P.V. Commission Plan:Downline Commission Plan:
$0 - $149   =  0%12% for 1st level
$150 - $299 =    8%4% for 2nd level
$300 - $599 =   12%2% for 3rd level
$600 - $999 =   18%1% for 4th level
$1,000-2,999 = 27%0.5% for 5th level
$3,000  +  =  30%
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