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Q  U  A  L  I  T  Y     T O     C  H  A  N  G  E     A     L  I  F  E

A Quality Natural Health Education

Every time you attend, you learn something new

"Knowledge is power," Francis Bacon said it, and thousands of NSP representatives believe it.

You see, unlike many other natural health companies, Nature's Sunshine plays an active role in the education of its Distributors. We invest a great deal of time and financial resources in our training programs so we can offer our Managers and Distributors a valuable education in natural health and NSP products.
The core of NSP's education program is Distributor School. Implemented in 1988, Distributor School is a daylong, intensive course in natural health that teaches health-conscious individuals all about NSP products and the body systems they support. It offers interested students an opportunity to learn the body systems approach to natural health from trained NSP personnel and local Managers.
The school covers the nine body systems (digestive, intestinal, circulatory, urinary, respiratory, glandular, nervous, structural and immune), the herbal industry, the natural health philosophy, NSP quality assurance and how to share key NSP tools like the Lifestyle Analysis, the NSP Presenter and the Herbal Hour Manual. Distributor School is exciting and interactive, utilizing teaching methods like herb tasting, product demonstrations, multimedia presentations, testimonials and more.
Distributor School isn't just for new Distributors or Members. It's a quality education program for everyone involved in Nature's Sunshine, even long-time Managers. Every time you attend, you learn something new!
Here's what a few people recently said about Distributor Schools:

"I'm impressed with NSP and the quality programs they offer. I've been involved with other network marketing companies before, but NSP offers education about their quality products unlike any other." -Mary Amy Aguillard - Member, Jennings, La.

"Distributor School teaches people how easy it is to learn. When people sigh up they often think, "I could never learn all this. There are so many products!' At school they realize they CAN learn and it's fun.

"If you haven't attended recently, you don't know what you're missing. It's terrific, professional and packed with information. It just keeps getting better and better every year." -Jean Weddle - Regional Manager, South Elgin, Ill.

For those who simply cannot get to Distributor Schools, NSP offers the opportunity to get a quality education at home. In addition to NSP from A to Z and the Systems Guide to Natural Health (included in the Distributor Opportunity Kit), Distributors and Members can learn from quality training materials like the three-volume Personal Study Program, the Herbal Hour Manual the NSP Presenter and many other teaching tools. Consult the Sales Aids and Supplies section of your Mater Price List for pricing.

For more information on quality educational literature or upcoming Distributor Schools, call NSP Customer Service at 1-800-223-8225.   Sponsor a Distributor Today!

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Reference: Sunshine HORIZONS Manager Edition Vol. 23 No. 8  August 1998