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Effective Sponsorship Requires Support, Encouragement and Training.

"There's a Difference Betwen Signing Up Distributors and Actually Sponsoring Them"
by Michael Morris

Rick and Susan Cassada had so little knowledge of NSP when they first signed up as a business except buy a few products for personal use.

"Nobody acted like the business aspect was important enough to pursue," Rick recalled. "The person who signed us up would answer our questions, but we did not know enough about the NSP opportunity to ask the right questions."
As a result, "We never went to nor heard about Herbal Hours. And we never thought about going to business school." Knowing what they know now, the Cassadas realize consistent and informative contact from an upline Sponsor is essential for successful growth of a sale organization.
For years, Rick and Susan remained "low-key" as Distributors. Because they lacked incentive and understanding, they eventually dropped out of NSP altogether.
Things changed for the Midlothian, Va., couple last year, however, when they met Sr. National Manager Mique Bashaw. Mique didnt just sign them up again as Distributors, she sponsored them.
"Once she found out what our situation was, she sat us down, talked to us to find out our interest, needs and desires, recommended books for us to read, and shared videos and photocopies to educate us on how Nature's Sunshine works," Rick said. "She introduced us to a whole new concept of NSP we had never known before."
Mique supplied the couple with a wealth of information about natural health products and introduced them to local Managers and Distributors, Herbal Hours, Distributor Schools, Natural Health and Business Schools and monthly business meetings.
Equally important, she showed a personal interest in helping the Cassadas learn more about health and nutrition. "We had always had a desire to help and teach other people about good nutrition but didn't know how to do it or what was available to help us," Rick said. "Mique Bashaw showed us the importance of sponsorship."
Rick and Susan were overwhelmed by support and encouragement from Mique and other NSP Distributors and Managers. As a result, four months after signing up again as Distributors, they became Managers.
"We feel the main reason we became Managers so quickly and have been able to maintain that position [for the past year] is because of the overwhelming support, encouragement and training provided to us," Rick said. "I have learned there's a great difference between 'signing up' new Distributors and actually 'sponsoring' them!"
Today, Rick and Susan are busy holding training meetings, teaching Herbal Hours and offering support in an effort to promote what Rick calls "The Sponsor Philosophy." After all, he asks, "If you were thinking of joining the NSP family, would you want to be signed up or sponsored?"  Sponsor a Distributor Today!

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Reference: Sunshine HORIZONS Manager Edition Vol. 23 No. 8  August 1998