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New National Managers Kay & Don Lubecke
Focusing Their Efforts Lands Arizona Couple Back On Top

"We've Got Great Job Security.      We Get A Raise Almost Every Month."

Don and Kay Lubecke learned early in their NSP career how it feels to be successful. Within six months of signing up in December 1980, they qualified for a TAC Trip and a new car. By 1989 they had become National Managers.

The Lubeckes enjoyed that status for only a short time, however, due to challenges faced by several of their downline Managers. But last fall, after eight years as Sr. Divisional Managers, they decided it was time to set their sights once again on becoming National Managers. They reached their goal in March, having learned some valuable lessons on the way.

Focusing on NSP

According to the Scottsdale, Ariz., couple, their involvement in other multi-level marketing companies distracted their attention from NSP.
"I learned that it doesn't work to get into other multilevel companies," Kay said, "There are a limited number of hours in every day; you're either spending those hours building Nature's Sunshine or you're spending them building another company. If you want to really achieve success in Nature's Sunshine, you need to be focused on Nature's Sunshine."
Don said the importance of focusing their efforts became clear. "We could see that if we didn't focus on the one company that had the best products, pay plan and benefits, we would never get to the top again. We realized life would get a lot more enjoyable if we did that, so we decided to focus just on the best company."
NSP's superior customer service, integrity and consistency persuaded the Lubeckes that NSP was that company.

Expansion through duplication

When Don and Kay moved to their new home in a private gated community, they faced a challenge: Clients and walk-in traffic were not allowed. They either had to open a natural health store elsewhere or nurture their downline from home. Being able to work at home had always been one of the main reasons Kay and Don loved their NSP business. They enjoyed telling people they work in blue jeans and have a "30-second commute" to work.
"So we decided to keep working at home,: Kay said. "We had built a large group, and it was very successful. We decided to concentrate our efforts on expanding it even more."
Duplication has played a key role in their expansion efforts.
"I don't spend my days seeing clients and doing nutritional counseling like I did when I first built the business," Kay said. "I spend my days helping our organization know how to help their clients. I teach classes and always tape those classes so that they're available to my out-of-town people who can't attend. We also provide a newsletter once a month."
Technology plays a big role. "We use what I call the tools of the '90s," Kay said, including three-way calling (for simultaneous consultations with sponsors and their clients) and e-mail.
"I wasn't very familiar with e-mail before last fall, but I decided the time had come to learn how to use it. E-mail has made me very efficient because I can type a message about a meeting, testimonial or something I learned, and with the push of a button it's in 40, 50 or 60 mailboxes."
The Lubeckes have their own website, and they encourage their downline to use both the official NSP website and the unofficial NSP forum "People who aren't using new technology may fall behind the competition," Kay said.

"Still pinching ourselves"

The Lubeckes say they're still "pinching ourselves" over their NSP success. "We've got great job security. We get a raise almost every month. We control our own working environment. We have fabulous home office deductions. The NSP Car Program forces us to get a new luxury car every three years. And we have traveled all over the world with Nature's Sunshine," Kay said. "We just can't imagine another career where you would have all that and the most important thing of all: the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping other people achieve maximum health and reach their personal dreams as well."   Have a Healthy Heart & Arteries!

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Reference: Sunshine HORIZONS Vol. 23 No. 7   July 1998