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"Catalog of Products"

"Nature's Sunshine Products"

"Chinese Herbs"

AD-C  (Regulate Chi) Jie Yu 100 caps1878-8$19.00
AG-C (Dispel Earth) Xiao Dao 100 caps1869-9$21.90
AL-C (Metal Reducing) Xuan Fei 100 caps1866-3$15.15
BP-C (Increase Wood) Bu Xue 100 caps1881-9$20.40
Chinese Defense-Shield 28 packets4025-4$29.00
Chinese Fen-Chi 150 caps 2925-3$29.95
Chinese Mineral-Chi Tonic 32 fl. oz 1818-3$35.40
Chinese Para-Cleanse 20 packets4020-9$22.20
Cholester-Reg (Hongqu) (60)555-4$29.95
Chinese Thermo-Chi 42 packets3100-3$36.90
Chinese Tiao He Cleanse 30 packets4000-1$28.65
HS-C (Nourish the Fire) Yang Xin 100 caps1884-7$18.50
HY-C (Nourish Yin) Bu Yin 100 caps1886-5$16.25
IF-C (Clear the Heat) Qing Re 100 caps1875-9$16.65
Trigger Immune (IMM-C) (Gen. Chi) Sheng Mai 100 caps1889-2$19.80
K-C (Eliminate Moisture) QAu Shi 100 caps1872-5$15.15
KB-C (Strengthen Water) Jian Gu 100 caps1883-3$21.15
LH-C (Metal Supporting) Fu Lei 100 caps1887-6$20.00
LIV-C (Wood Red.) Tiao He 100 caps1860-1$18.15
Nature's Chi 100 caps842-4$24.50
STR-C (Fire Quenching) An Shen 100 caps1863-5$21.15
UC-C (Enhance Earth) Wen Zhong 100 caps1880-8$19.65
VS-C 100 caps937-7$15.65
VS-C Liquid 2 fluid oz.3167-6$15.65
VS-C 100 vegitabs938-3$15.65

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