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Nature's Sunshine Products
Fat Grabbers
Let NSP Grab the Fat...Before You Do!

  Fat Grabbers

Nature's Sunshine wants to grab the fat molecules in the food that you eat, before YOU end up grabbing a spare tire around your waist!

      That's the idea behind NSP's Fat Grabbers, a nutritional supplement that uses all-natural fibers and fat emulsifiers to trap the fat molecules in your intestinal tract, before they can enter the bloodstream. That way, your body eliminates the fat--rather than stockpiling it!

      Fat Grabbers contains guar gum and psyllium husks, both highly effective in the absorption of fat.

      Fat Grabbers also contains chickweed and lecithin, which help to break down fat, making it easier for the fiber to grab the fat molecules.

      All four elements in Fat Grabbers have a long history of safe and effective use, and they provide phytonutrients that help the body in lowering cholesterol and fat.

Fat Grabbers vs. the Competition

Other products claim to be similar to Fat Grabbers; however, the ingredients in these products can't boast of an established history of safe and beneficial usage. Another problem: competitors may claim their products contain all-natural ingredients, but these so-called natural ingredients have been highly processed, stirring questions about their quality.

      Some competitive products incorporate "chitosan" as a chief ingredient. Chitosan has a positive charge, and it can attract phosphorus, removing this important nutrient from the body. (Chitosan is made by chemically treating a substance known as chitan, which occurs in some yeasts, sea creatures, beetles and spiders. Therefore, chitosan is synthetic).

      What about chitosan and cholesterol? Since cholesterol has no electrical charge, it cannot be picked up or grabbed by chitosan. Therefore, competitive products will not effectively prevent the absorption of cholesterol into the body.

  Products with chitosan don't have a lengthy history of dietary use, nor are they backed by clinical studies proving their overall effectiveness.

      On the other hand, Nature's Sunshine believes in natural ways to help your body lower fat and cholesterol. Fat Grabbers traps all kinds of fat, including cholesterol. Everything in Fat Grabbers is completely natural--a special blend of herbs, each with a long history of safe and effective use. Plus, Fat Grabbers can function without disrupting normal body processes.

      Fat Grabbers is available in its regular 120 count bottle (Stock No. 2937-0), a full 30 day supply in a 360 count bottle (2948-6), a prepackaged 15 day supply (four capsules per packet) that makes it easy to take Fat Grabbers with you when you're eating away from home (4017-3). Take four capsules 10-15 minutes prior to every meal with one or two glasses of pure water. NSP recommends you use Fat Grabbers in conjunction with a sensible low-fat dietary plan. Also take a multivitamin and mineral supplement, such as Super Supplemental or SynerPro Multiple Vitamins and Minerals.

      Don't let your fat go to "waist." Let NSP grab your fat...with Fat Grabbers!  Let NSP Grab the Fat...Before You Do!

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