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The Sponsor Philosophy

Susan & Rick Cassada

"Anyone can 'sign up' a new Distributor, but it takes a very special kind of person to 'sponsor' one," said Rick Cassada. Using his personal experience as a guide, Rick has developed what he calls "The S-P-O-N-S-O-R philosophy":

S  stands for Support. When you sponsor people, you offer support by giving them your time, calling them on the phone and encouraging them.

P  stands for Provision., Upline Managers should provide training and information about products, the NSP business opportunity, etc.

O  stands for Ongoing. An ongoing relationship should exist between Managers and their downline. Your downline is composed of family and friends. They should never feel they are left to themselves.

N  stands for Newsletter. Managers should provide downline members with a monthly newsletter and make sure they are called, visited and notified of the latest news on products, support, testimonials, classes, business schools, etc.

S  stands for Setting Goals. Good Managers assist Distributors in setting and achieving goals.

O  stands for Opportunity. Responsible Managers share with new Distributors the vast opportunities for making new friends, learning to help others, increasing income and traveling to conventions, etc.

R  stands for Rewarding. Managers whose philosophy is sponsoring instead of signing up are rewarded with seeing their downline grow, achieving goals and spreading knowledge of nutrition and better health.   Sponsor a Distributor Today!

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Reference: Sunshine HORIZONS Manager Edition Vol. 23 No. 8  August 1998