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Michael Joseph

Manager Rebuilds Life Through NSP

I would never have made it this far without Nature's Sunshine

It wasn't that long ago that Michael Joseph was living in a garage and dodging gangs and gunfire while delivering pizzas in Southern California.

"I got into fights, and I was robbed and shot at a few times," he said of the perils of part-time pizza delivery in south-central Los Angeles. Michael took the job because it provided him with adequate free time to "fulfill my vision of building up my Nature's Sunshine business. I guess I had to pay a price for where I am now."

Today, as a highly successful Manager, he can laugh at the memories. But Michael shudders at the thought of where he would be had he not been led to Ernest and Dina Allen.

Michael moved from New York to California when his father sent him to a Christian ministry in the Los Angeles area. When Michael arrived, he had no money, no education and no health. Substance abuse and fast living had taken their toll, and Michael had come to California looking for a new life.

His search took him to church, where he met Ernest and Dina, Senior Divisional Managers. Dina, a certified natural health professional, began giving Michael nutritional counseling. Thanks to herbal supplements, Michael began to feel better. His body's response to herbs raised his curiosity about sharing natural products.

"You think I can do this?" he asked Ernest in October 1993. "Sure you can," Ernest responded.

Michael took training classes from the Allens, studied and asked questions until he was able to answer customer queries himself. He soon came up with the idea of selling natural products from a cart in a shopping mall. Success came rapidly as he worked from sunup to sundown, selling products from his cart and learning all he could about natural health.

In 18 months, Michael parlayed a bag of Chinese Thermo-Chi and a bag of Chinese Tiao He Cleanse into a business inventory of more than $3,000 worth of Nature's Sunshine products. Four months after signing up as a Distributor in February 1994, he became a Manager.

Michael is now planning training meetings in preparation for building his downline and carrying his success into the future. For the past six months, he has been one of Nature's Sunshine's Most financially successful Managers. He's frequently listed among NSP's Top 100 sales leaders by group PV. "I don't know how he does it," Ernest said.

Less than four years after starting his NSP business, Michael has replaced his garage apartment with a new home. He has traded in his beat-up, pizza-delivery van for a new Jaguar. And he has given up self-destructive behavior for a life of productivity and purpose.

Michael has worked hard, but he deflects credit for his accomplishments. He would rather acknowledge God, the Allens and NSP.

"The Lord blessed me by bringing the Allens into my life," Michael said. "We became friends, and they helped me by sharing their business. I would never have made it this far without Nature's Sunshine."

For Michael, NSP is a "caring company" that has helped him physically, socially and financially.

"I know I couldn't have been as successful trying to help others through a different company," he said. "Nature's Sunshine is into health, not just selling products. I like to help people recover from their problems, and I get the high-quality products and knowledge I need from NSP."

Ernest and Dina have seen a lot of people join the Nature's Sunshine family since they began sharing natural products in 1980. Their work is especially rewarding when someone like Michael Joseph comes along.

"We're encouraged when a person like Michael takes to the vision," Ernest said. "Today Michael is grounded. To come from where he was to where he is today, that's success."


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Ref:  Sunshine HORIZONS Manager Edition Vol. 23 No. 2  February 1998.