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NSP's Collatrim
Collects Kudos

Redefine Your Weight in 1998

"Collatrim is Safe and the Program Really Works"
"At first my wife started following the Collatrim program, and I observed that although I did not consider her overweight, she began to reshape her look, along with a noticeable increase in skin elasticity with a moisturizing effect.

"As a chiropractor, I have been searching for ways to help the body maintain its structural integrity; this product helps maintain the body because of its support for the connective tissues, muscles, ligaments and tendons. It also helps the body to cleanse and detoxify the collagen matrix fibers to allow more nutrients to flow into the cells for proper function.

"Collatrim is safe and the program provides a different approach to weight loss. It does not overstimulate the glandular system, starve or trick the body into losing weight. Collatrim supports the lean-muscle tissue production and the natural burning of adipose (fat) tissue. It is a liquid protein food supplement that supports the function that repairs and rebuilds the body's collagen matrix fibers.

"Without changing any major lifestyle behavior, you can use Collatrim to redefine your weight for 1998!"
----Dr. Michael Morrison, Lahina, Hawaii

"The Future of Weight Control"
"I think the Collatrim program is the wave of the future of weight control. It doesn't interact with medication. It doesn't require you to remember to take pills before you eat. A tablespoon before bedtime is all you need to use. There's nothing negative about it--that's one of its big pluses. It's simple and the program works. Colatrim is for everyone. How much more can you say about a dynamic product that does exactly what it says it will do?"
----Carol Pruner, Sparks, Nev.

"I've Lost 22 Pounds"
"I could hardly wait to incorporate Collatrim into my weight-management program and have been taking it since it came out. I was already on Chinese Fen-Chi, SynerProTein shakes and Fat Grabbers. With this army of nutritional supplements, I knew Collatrim would give me an additional boost and jump-start me to finding my bones once again. I have lost several inches and a total of 22 pounds on the program. The weight is coming off in a healthy way, and I look and feel great! Collatrim has enhanced my total weight-loss program.

"I want to applaud you for coming out with this fabulous product. Thanks again for your research and for helping us take another giant step to losing those unwanted pounds. God bless NSP."
----Dee Allman, Ann Arbor, Mich.

"Definitely Seeing a Difference"
"I've only been using the Collatrim program for three weeks, but I'm definitely seeing a difference. I've already lost five pounds and about four inches.

Collatrim's recommended use )take at bedtime after going three hours without eating or snacking) really helps because I'm a snacker. That was part of my problem, but Collatrim helped me because I stopped my night eating."
----Traudy Cook, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

"It's Just Been Wonderful"
"I've had some really good results. I'm on my second bottle now after losing 10 pounds. I feel better, I sleep better and I can tell the difference in the muscles under my arms. It's just been wonderful. Collatrim seems to be better and more potent than the competition's product. It's less expensive and it tastes better."
----Linda Elliott, Milan, Tenn.

Editor's Note: Individual weight loss varies widely. As with any weight-loss program, you must limit calories and increase exercise for optimal success.   


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Ref: Sunshine Horizons Manager Edition Vol. 23 No. 2  February 1998 Page 4.