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Nature's Sunshine Products
New Help in the Battle of the Bulge

by Darlyn Anderson

As millions of Americans continue to struggle with their weight, an exciting new product emerges on the NSP horizon. After months of research and development, Nature's Sunshine is proud to present Collatrim, our latest weapon in the battle of the bulge.
What is Collatrim?
         Collatrim is a liquid product containing bovine collagen the fibrous protein in bones, tendons and connective tissues. As such, it provides an excellent source of protein and amino acids. Collatrim also contains aloe vera juice, citric acid and natural flavoring.
How does it work?
         The body's collagen production slows down as we age. That's why an older person tends to have more wrinkles and sagging skin than a younger person (and why plastic surgeons live in mansions). The hydrolyzed collagen in Collatrim supplements the body's collagen in Collatrim supplements the body's collagen production with high concentrations of protein and amino acids (essential building blocks of protein), specifically arginine, proline and glycine.
         This product is designed to be taken once a day just before going to bed. While you sleep, the amino acids in Collatrim are utilized by the body to rebuild muscle tissue. As your body feeds on this collagen protein nourishment, it strengthens its lean muscle tissue.
Recommended use
         Take 1 tablespoon of Collatrim with an 8 ounce glass of pure Nature's Spring water right before going to bed. Do not eat or snack at all for at least three hours before taking Collatrim, and go to bed immediately after taking it.
         For best results, NSP recommends that you eat a low-fat, high-fiber diet including fresh fruits and vegetables. Regular exercise can also benefit your Collatrim program.
User care
         Response to this type of weight management program has been positive, with many people reporting lost weight, lost inches, improved muscle tone or increased energy.
         Some people have noticed results immediately, while others have not noticed improvements until the third month of usage. (A small percentage of Collatrim users may not perceive noticeable benefits from the product due to individual body chemistry or other reason.)
         NSP recommends that pregnant or lactating women consult their health care professional before using any weight management product. Keep out of the reach of children.
The NSP advantage
         As with every product we offer, Collatrim carries Nature's Sunshine's promise of superior quality. After being exposed to rigorous testing, only the finest ingredients from the most trusted sources go into Collatrim. Unlike some similar products on the market, NSP's Collatrim has been painstakingly tested to insure that it meets all label potency claims. Additionally, Collatrim is more competitively priced than most other collagen products. With NSP, not only do you get a better weight management product, but you also get it at a more affordable price!
         Collatrim is available in 16 ounce bottles; each bottle provides a 32 day supply. Order yours today and begin building lean muscle mass, losing fat and working toward a more toned, healthy body.

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Ref: Sunshine Horizons Vol. 22 No. 8 August 1997