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Nature's Sunshine Products
Want to Quit Smoking?
Respiratory & Nervous System

Lobelia/St. John's Wort Combination

Lobelia/St. John's Wort Combination is an herbal breakthrough whose star is lobeline, a substance found in the well-known herb lobelia. Lobeline is chemically similar to nicotine, but unlike nicotine, it's non-addictive and helps nourish the respiratory system. St. John's Wort, a crucial partner in this formula, contains hypericin, which provides nourishment to support the nervous system. The formula also contains alfalfa for nutritional balance. Each capsule provides  0.5 mg of lobeline and  0.5 mg of hypericin. Take two capsules three times daily with a meal and 8 ounces of pure water. Stock No. 1015-5 (100 caps)

Tobacco Detox

Tobacco Detox supports the Nervous System and is a natural homeopathic medicine for relief of symptoms related to withdrawal from tobacco use, including nausea, cough and nervous tension. Aids detoxification. Take 10-15 drops under the tongue every one or two hours, or as needed, then take four times daily until symptoms are relieved. Not recommended for children under 12. Stock no 8712-5 (1 fl. oz.) and Stock no. 8721-6 (60 tabs)   Have a Happy Day!

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