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Nature's Sunshine Products
Need Help To Stop Drinking?

  Kudzu/St. John's Wort

Kudzu/st. John's Wort Combination (Nervous) is a cutting edge formula based on the latest scientific information. Kudzu, considered a weed in the southern U.S., has made headlines in nutritional news. For centuries in Japan and China people have used it with confidence as a dietary supplement. Researchers at Harvard Medical School injected 71 golden Syrian hamsters, who by nature have an unusual craving for alcohol, with daidzin, kudzu's active ingredient. The hamsters injected with daidzin immediately cut back on their alcohol consumption and began to drink more water. These preliminary findings add an interesting sidebar to kudzu's already recognized herbal traditions. Published studies also report that hypericin (found in St. John's Wort) supports the nervous system in times of physical stress. Each capsule of Kudzu/St. John's Wort Combination contains 1 mg of daidzin and 1 mg hypericin per capsule. Take one capsule three times daily with a meal.  Stock No. 975-6 100 capsules

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