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Nature's Sunshine Products
Juice Factory 2000
Is More Than Just A Machine....
It's A Philosophy For Better Living

Juice Factory 2000 Why a Juicer?

Unique Features

    NOTE: The Juice Factory 2000 is not     available in stores anywhere!

HIGH YIELD: The Juice Factory 2000 extracts the maximum amount of juice per pound of vegetables and fruits. It extracts 20-30% more juice than pulp-ejector type juicers according to independent laboratory tests.
15-YEAR GUARANTEE: The Juice Factory 2000 is guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for a fifteen-year period.
ALL AMERICAN MADE: The Juice Factory 2000 is manufactured and assembled in the United States.
PULP-FREE JUICES: Unlike a blender or a liquefier, the Juice Factory 2000 actually separates the juice from the pulp.
SUPERIOR STABILITY: The Juice Factory 2000's exclusive design eliminates 'walking' and virtually all vibration when in operation.
EASY TO CLEAN: The Juice Factory 2000 can be washed in a few minutes.
STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION: From start to finish, your freshly prepared juice will contact only surgical stainless steel.
LARGE CAPACITY: The Juice Factory 2000 allows you to make juice for the entire family in only one preparation.
ULTRA QUIET, SMOOTH OPERATION: Precise balancing and only the finest engineering assures you a smooth, quiet operation every time.
CLASSIC MODERN APPEARANCE: The durable contemporary design of The Juice Factory 2000 will accent any kitchen decor.
HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION: The Juice Factory 2000 is U.L. approved for both home or commercial use.
Juice Factory 2000

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