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Nature's Sunshine Products
OPC: The Miracle "Should-Be" Vitamin


Nature's Sunshine is proud to provide the authentic Masquelier's OPC grape seed extract in Grapine supplements. Masquelier's OPC is the original product and the only grape seed and pine bark extract supported by 50 years of science and substantiated by years of clinical studies. It provides a full range of possible health benefits that go far beyond its superiority as an antioxidant.

Dr. Szent-Gyorygi had been searching for vitamin P when he became the recipient of the Nobel Prize for his discovery of vitamin C in 1937. Vitamin P (the "P" stood for the vitamin's reputed ability to promote vascular permeability) became the goal of a decade of work when Dr. Jack Masquelier discovered OPC (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) in France in 1947. Dr. Szent-Gyorygi met with Dr. Masquelier and confirmed that OPC was the true vitamin P.

Dr. Masquelier's isolation of OPC is one of the most significant discoveries in nutritional science. A dedicated and celebrated scientist, Dr. Masquelier went on to devote his entire professional life to pioneering the core body of knowledge that now supports more than a half-century of extensive research and clinical studies regarding OPC.

OPC is a naturally occurring molecular chemical compound found in certain plant parts, but like vitamin C and other essential nutrients, it is not produced by the body. It must be acquired from the plant foods we eat. Unfortunately, OPC is most often lost in cooking and by the discarding of OPC-rich plant parts like stems and seeds. This is why supplementation is critical, and NSP's Grapine represents the best source of OPC supplementation.

Under strict quality control practices, Masquelier's OPC has been extracted from pine bark and grape seeds at the Berkem plant in France for more than 30 years. Only the precisely extracted ratio of key components as provided by Masquelier's OPC can claim extraordinary vitaminlike health benefits.

Unfortunately, a number of generic grape seed and pine bark products have flooded the marketplace on borrowed science. However, there is a significant distinction between Masquelier's OPC used in NSP's Grapine supplements and products that can only generally be described as grape seed or pine bark extract.

Many scientists, doctors and satisfied consumers regard Masquelier's OPC as the "should-be" vitamin. In fact, Masquelier's OPC is the only substance yet discovered and scientifically researched that stimulates the process of collagen biosynthesis, thereby enhancing the recovery and integrity of collagen. Collagen is a main constituent upholding the integrity of vascular walls, skin, ligaments, gums, bones, tendons and muscles.

Masquelier's OPC has a wide range of vitally important preventive and therapeutic health benefits to support your opportunity for a long and healthy life. Some of these benefits include:

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Ref: Sunshine Horizons Vol. 22 No. 8 August 1997