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Nature's Sunshine Products
Composition of the Structural System


Glucosamine occurs naturally in the body's joints and cartilage, playing a role in the composition of the structural system. As we age, our bodies become less efficient at manufacturing the elements necessary for healthy joint structures. Now you can get glucosamine with the added nutritional benefits of una de gato (cat's claw), one of the world's foremost tonic herbs. Una de gato grows in the highland rainforests of Peru, where it has been popular for decades. Una de gato provides nutrients essential to the body's structural system, plus it's a premier metabolic tonic herb. It's also called "Opener of the Way" for its cleansing properties.

Each capsule blends 400 mg of glucosamine with 50 mg of una de gato. Four capsules provide 1,600 mg of glucosamine. Take four capsules daily with food. Stock No. 903-4 60 caps   Have a Healthy Day!

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Ref: NSP from A to Z page 39 May 1997