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Circulatory System

Flax Seed Oil


Twice as much Omega-3 as Fish Oils!

Several scientific studies show that omega-3 consumption leads to substantially lower numbers of deaths from coronary heart disease, according to NSP's Dr. Alvin B. Segelman, Vice President of Health Sciences.

Until recently, many people believed the only way to get the many cardiovascular and circulatory system health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids was by eating fish or taking fish oil capsules. Unfortunately, many individuals experience unpleasant side-effects from eating fish or taking fish oil capsules, such as a "fishy" smell on the breath.

However, a plant-source alternative--flax seed oil--actually contains twice as much omega-3 essential fatty acids as do fish oil products.

NSP's Flax Seed Oil comes in convenient softgel capsules. Each 1 g softgel contains 550 mg of omega-3 essential fatty acids. Stock# 1770-3 60 gel caps. There's nothing fishy about Flax Seed Oil.  Have a Healthy Heart & Arteries!

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