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Nature's Sunshine Products
Enzyme Supplements
6 Products for Digestion

Many individuals are anxious to bolster their digestive enzyme supply. To help meet this goal by natural means, Nature's Sunshine proudly offers four distinct enzyme supplements--Lactase Plus, Leguzyme, Proactazyme that contain enzymes from plant sources. NSP also offers Food Enzymes and PDA, which contain some animal source enzymes.
      The demand for enzyme supplements should come as no surprise. After all, approximately one-half of the energy generated by the body is expended digesting food. By adding enzyme supplements to the daily diet, the number of available nutrients will increase, and the amount of food necessary to fuel the body will decrease. This leads to less digestive stress and decreased waste elimination.
      In addition, researchers have indentified a definite correlation between body enzyme levels and energy. As you grow older, your level of enzymes decreases, which ultimately results in decreased energy.
      Enzymes also perform an important function in body cleansing. When toxins such as environmental pollutants or allergens (usually proteins or protein/carbohydrate compounds) enter the body, enzymes can cause these potentially harmful substances to be digested; otherwise, they would place stress on the body's immune system.
      With the correct enzymes, even "problem foods" can be consumed without experiencing associated side-effects such as cramps, gas, bloating, etc.
      NSP's balanced enzyme supplements are a result of an exhaustive research effort. For example, in too small amounts, the enzymes won't adequately perform the task for which they were intended, nor will enzymes in too large of amounts perform their duties at optimal levels. Moreover, in some instances, the body will actually form antibodies to combat the enzymes with too large of a presence, effectively inactivating them.
      That's where it pays to have the NSP research team behind the bottle on the shelf. Each enzyme supplement has been formulated in a perfect balance to allow the body to derive maximum benefit. They have been painstakingly combined to do the best job in the shortest period of time.
      Many of the plant source enzymes in these products--lipase and protease, for example--are actually mixtures of two or three variations of the enzyme. This is important because individual enzymes are effective only at specifi pH levels. These mixtures will be more effective throughout the intestinal tract than would a single enzyme.
      For example, within the stomach itself there are two pH "zones"--the upper (pH 3-4) and the lower (pH 1.5-2.5). The plant source enzymes used by NSP work in both zones, promoting better digestion before food even leaves the stomach, then the enzymes remain active in both the small and large intestines. This is much different from animal enzymes, which act in narrow pH levels only.
      In addition, some instances with high acidity in the stomach may prevent the enzymes from working at optimal levels. Each of these plant source enzyme products contains an herbal blend which includes potassium citrate. Laboratory tests show that potassium citrate will neutralize some of the acid in the stomach, allowing the enzymes to perform at optimal levels.
      With Nature's Sunshine, you can be sure of the amount of each ingredient you are receiveing. Unlike enzyme products from other companies, every ingredient in these NSP enzyme supplements is measured in scientifically accepted units. NSP does not make up its numbers.

NSP's Enzyme Supplements:

food enzymes
      A number of different enzymes are necessary to deal with hundreds of differeing food compounds. Certain major enzymes are produced by the body to diges large quantities of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and other enzymes are found in foods. However, some processed foods lack the enzymes needed for proper digestion. This formulation supplements the body's production of these enzymes. One tablet will digest a minimum of 30 grams of protein, 30 grams of carbohydrates and 20 grams of fats.

      Special cells in the stomach lining require vitamin B-complex and other nutrients to manufacture hydrochloric acid to break down proteins during the digestive process. As people age, they usually produce less HCl, which affects the amount of protein they can absorb. An additional problem with incomplete protein digestion is imbalance in the flora which feast on these compounds. Each tablet contains 325 mg (five grains) of betaine HCl, supplying dilute hydrochloric acid and 65 mg (1 grain) of pepsin, a natural protein digesting enzyme.

      A carbohydrate food enzyme combination. This product is specifically designed to help digest certain carbohydrates in legumes (beans) some vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, onions, tec.), whole grains and other foods that may cause gas. This product includes the enzymes amylase, glucoamylase (maltase) and invertase (sucrase). Leguzyme also contains cellulase to help break down the cellulose in the legume's cell wall, for complete digestion without the gas.

      Here is a "full-spectrum" general purpose food enzyme supplement to assist in the digestability of all food types, except dairy. It provides Protease, Amylase, Glucoamylase, Lipase Pectinose and Cellulase. Similar in function to Food Enzymes except, it contains no hydrochloric acid and uses plant source enzymes.

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