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Nature's Sunshine Products
Elderberry Combo
Immune System

Just in time for the changing seasons, which many refer to as the cold and flu season, Elderberry Combo is a new formula focusing on the nutritional needs of the immune system.

Nature's Sunshine's highly successful Herbasaurs Elderberry Plus for Children dramatically emphasized the need for an elderberry product designed for adults. Now, both adults and children can receive the benefits of elderberry.

Each Elderberry Combo capsule contains 450 mg of elderberry extract, Echinacea purpurea, and royal jelly.

Throughout history, elderberry has been the source of many legends. In the Middle Ages elderberry was considered a holy tree, capable of keeping or restoring good health. Elderberry was also used by Native American tribes. The Menominees dried the elderberry flowers and used them in a tea. Native Americans called the plant the "Tree of Music" and made flutes from the stems. Recent scientific studies indicate that elderberry may have antiviral activity.

Elderberry contains naturally occurring amounts of such nutrients as vitamin C, fruit acids, traces of essential oil, and anthocyanic pigments.

Echinacea has become the most popular herb in America for the immune system because it is so mild and dependable--for all ages. Along with the well-known benefits of echinacea, royal jelly is another remarkable food, produced by young nurse bees from honey and pollen. After a female bee eats royal jelly, she is transformed into a queen, with great energy and stamina. She will live up to 60 times longer than other bees.

To fortify the immune system with superior nutrients, make sure you enjoy the benefits of all three of these natural products in NSP's new Elderberry Combo.

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