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Nature's Sunshine Products
The Quest for Eternal Youth

DHEA-M formulated especially for men:

You can't fool Mother Nature when it comes to the aging process, but thanks to the advantages of modern nutrition, you may be able to keep her at arm's length.

DHEA (de-hydro-epi-androsterone) is an exciting discovery that has caused a new surge of interest in nutritional supplements. Many needing an extra boost have tried NSP's DHEA products and experienced profound success.
Nature's Sunshine produces two DHEA supplements, each designed especially for male needs or female needs--DHEA-M and DHEA-F. DHEA is not a hormone by itself, but the body uses it to produce scores of hormones vital to health and well-being.
Since this hormone precursor supports many body systems--particularly the glandular, immune and nervous--it is important to maintain proper levels of DHEA in the blood-stream. Over time, however, natural levels of DHEA begin to decline. Taking oral supplements of DHEA may increase those levels.
A person may not benefit the same way as another after taking the same amount of DHEA.

25 mg of DHEA

Combined with sarsaparilla, saw palmetto, damiana, pumpkin seed, and Korean Panax ginseng

Fights the damaging effects of free radicals, implicated in the aging process

Supports the glandular system

Increase energy and vitality

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The benefits of DHEA-F and DHEA-M will be different for each individual. Also, amounts best for each person will vary. Label recommendations are general guidelines. These particular supplements are NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN.