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Nature's Sunshine Products
Ultimate Creatine
PrimeForm Fitness Product

Ultimate Creatine
Offers Edge to Athletes


Nature's Sunshine brings quality to creatine craze

Professional athletes swear by it. Weekend warriors laud it. Sports enthusiasts depend on it.

And now, NSP's got it!
Use of creatine in the world of sports has become common, but its purity and quality weren't always guaranteed. By introducing Ultimate Creatine with Siberian ginseng, NSP has taken the worry out of using this exciting nutritional supplement.

What does it do?

Creatine functions as part of the body's energy-production process. When used in conjunction with a training program, creatine can increase strength by supporting the body's ability to build muscle mass and make proteins within the muscle fibers. It also supports muscle weight gain while helping to reduce recovery time after a workout.
Creatine's effectiveness comes from its ability to recycle adenosine triphosphate (ATP) part of the body's energy-producing process needed for muscle contraction--and make it available to the cells. For athletes, this means immediate and significant athletic improvement.
As an added benefit, creatine has been shown to support healthy cholesterol levels.

What is it?

This naturally occurring organic compound is manufactured in the liver, kidneys and pancreas. It is then released into the bloodstream for use by the muscle cells. Using three amino acids, the body manufactures about two grams of creatine a day. Athletic bodies process more.
Creatine is named after the Greek word for flesh. About 95 percent of the body's creatine supply is found in the skeletal muscles.

Is it effective?

Studies show that creatine is both effective and safe. But as its use has grown, so has concern about the appearance on store shelves of impure creatine. Reports indicate that some manufacturers resort to spiking their creatine with substances like baking soda.
You can rest assured that Ultimate Creatine is pure. We order our creatine from reputable suppliers and test it ourselves to make sure its purity measures up to standards of quality that truly can change a life. Then, in the manufacturing process, we add Siberian ginseng, known for its energy-enhancing properties.

How much do I take?

To fill up the body's storage capacity for creatine, some athletes start by "loading" up on 20g a day for five to seven days. Our daily recommendation is 5g a day after working out.
Ultimate Creatine comes in a 6.5 ounce bottle (a six-week supply of 45 servings). Dissolve 1 rounded teaspoon of creatine powder in a glass of juice. Make sure you drink at least 64 ounces of pure water daily while supplementing with Ultimate Creatine.  Stock# 1826-2 6.5 ounces (a six-week supply of 45 servings)   Have a Healthy Life!

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