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Nature's Sunshine Products
Colloidal Silver
Worth Its Weight in Gold

Colloidal Silver

Research indicates colloidal silver is an effective antimicrobial, inactivating the enzymes responsible for the metabolism and multiplication of bacteria, fungi and viruses. That's why colloidal silver has become a popular alternative to other natural antimicrobial products on the market. NSP's Colloidal Silver provides 5 ppm of silver--a highly beneficial amount that stays suspended in purified, deionized water. Higher concentrations found in similar products--20-30 ppm--can separate and settle at the bottom; moreover, prolonged use of higher concentrations may cause a gray discoloration of the skin and inner eyelid inflammation.

Here's How NSP's Colloidal Silver Adds Up:
Safest and most effective of all colloidal silver products on the market
Finest particle-size colloids to ensure maximum efficiency
1 teaspoon provides 25 mcg of pure silver
No heavy metal contamination
Compare with Golden Seal and VS-C
Completely non-toxic (unlike other colloidal silver products)

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