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Circulatory System


Mega-Chel is a multiple vitamin fortified with chelated minerals, glandular extracts, herbs, amino acids and fish oils to nutritionally support the circulatory system. You think it's easy pumping 2,000 gallons of blood? That's how much the average heart handles in just one day. For ideal circulation and cardiovascular support, give your pump the norishment it needs with Nature's Sunshine's Mega-Chel. Mega-Chel contains 35 different vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids and other nutritional substances that help So, prime your pump... with Mega-Chel. Stock No. 1611-1 (180 tabs)

    Each year, one million Americans die of heart attacks. Heart disease accounts for about one out of two deaths in the United States. Undoubtedly, much of the problem is related to our poor living habits - including improper nutrition, smoking, drinking, overeating, and lack of exercise.

    When Nature's Sunshine decided to market this product, NSP made the decision to make it superior to all similar products now on the market. Some of the differences are these:

Mega-Chel tablets are larger in size than most competitive products. This is because NSP uses the most natural ingredients available. Natural forms of vitamins, minerals and amino acids provide more nutrient co-factors which are the critical link for proper utilization.

The l-methionine present in Mega-Chel comes from natural sources. Many competitive products contain dl-methionine.

The mineral magnesium, chelated with amino acids, makes up 12% by weight of the product. When Magnesium Oxide is used as a source of magnesium, it makes up 60% by weight of the product. The advantage of using chelated magnesium in a product such as Mega-Chel is the bio availability of the magnesium to the user. Magnesium Oxide is an antacid that acts to lower the hydrochloric acid content of gastric juices. Chelated minerals are in a form ready to be absorbed by the body.

Vitamin C is a major component of Mega-Chel. In order to increase the bio availability of the vitamin C, NSP has included Citrus Bioflavinoids and the vitamin Rutin. These two ingredients provide co-factors necessary for the body to absorb vitamin C.

Vitamin A is a major constituent of Mega-Chel. Competitors use up to 40,000 IU of vitamin A in a daily dose. This amount of vitamin A approaches toxic levels. In order to avoid potential toxicity problems, NSP has added Beta-Carotene (the precursor to vitamin A) in combination with vitamin A to Mega-Chel.

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