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Nature's Sunshine Products
For Joint Health

          by David Skousen


Today, joint structure and function is a concern for millions of Americans.
What can we do to help maintain our agility and ease of movement? One answer may be chondroitin sulfate.
Tear Prevention
The body produces chondroitin, which helps bond connective tissue to prevent tearing and acts to protect joints. Chondroitin also inhibits enzymes tha tend to deplete cartilage nutrition.
Shock Cushion
Each chondroitin molecule consists of a long chain of sugars and sulfur. When enough chondroitin sulfate chains are available, they create chambers where proper amounts of water can accumulate, thus helping to protect this area from the shock of joint compression. By retaining moisture in the joints, chondroitin allows us to have flexibility, resiliency and cushioning from such activities as jumping and lifting.
Nutrient Codependency
In addition, chondroitin works with other nutrients like glucosamine to promote the rebuilding and maintenance of cartilage. Cartilage functions to protect bones from moving against each other and to reduce friction. Adult cartilage contains no nerves or blood vessels and depends on nearby resources like chondroitin and glucosamine to keep it strong. In other workds, when the body has a full complement of the necessary elements, it can promote many of its own joint functions where it counts--at the cellular level.
Unfortunately, aging and poor nutrition may decrease production of chondroitin. And while chondroitin is found in some foods, usually the amount is very small. Whether from food or supplementation, the body absorbs chondroitin very well, boosting overall chondroitin availability.
Chondroitin sulfate supplements alone may help many people; furthermore, chondroitin's benefits may increase when taken in conjunction with glucosamine supplements.
NSP recommends taking Sunshine Daily Essentials along with extra chondroitin to provide a high concentration of needed dietary factors for all the body's joints. Daily supplementation helps to maximize the body's nutritional balance for bodily functions and biochemical reactions.
Each capsule of NSP's Chondroitin contains 300 mg of chondroitin sulfate. Take two capsules twice daily with meals and 8 ounces of Nature's Spring water. Stock# 1811-5 60 caps. Take Chondroitin for Joint Health!

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July 1997, Sunshine Horizons.