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Nature's Sunshine Products
Super Algae
Four in One

Why our Super Algae is "Superb" Algae!

NSP combines four of nature's most concentrated nutrient sources.

The largest creatures on earth survive on the smallest of plants--single-celled algae. Some whale species use their mouths to screen tons of sea water, gleaning large amounts of algae, which they use as fuel for power and endurance.
All types of algae flourish in water or damp environments. One of algae's most remarkable features is its ability to create a broad spectrum of concentrated nutrients, although not one member of this botanical family has true roots, stems or leaves.
Each type of algae has a unique nutritional profile. To take advantage of these differences you need a product combining several types of algae. And in all the world, you can only get such a combination from Nature's Sunshine.
Super Algae packs all the benefits of the four most popular algae supplements on the market today, a superior mix that provides nutrients often deficient in other foods.
Blue Green, or Klamath Lake, algae grows under pristine conditions in Klamath Lake, Ore. Here is one of earth's most concentrated natural sources of protein and chlorophyll, nutrients important for keeping blood and tissues strong.
This remarkable organism synthesizes peptides from sunlight and nitrogen in the air. The body uses peptides to produce neurotransmitters for nerve networking, especially important to the brain.
Blue green algae contains all eight essential amino acids required for making new tissue, enzymes, hormones and bones. It's a good source of arginine, and amino acid the body uses to build and tone muscle tissue.
In addition, it is rich in B vitamins, including B12, and beta-carotene, precursor to vitamin A. Another plus is its full spectrum of organically bound minerals, ready for efficient assimilation.
Chlorella is one of nature's best sources of DNA and RNA, main constituents of chromosomes that pass genetic messages to new cells and important in protein synthesis. Also known for its high chlorophyll content, chlorella is a valuable supplement for building the blood and immune system. It also provides a boost to those on a cleansing program.
Spirulina contains 2-1/2 times more vitamin B12 than liver, making it perhaps the best botanical source available. Its several carotenoids (such as beta-carotene) provide antioxidant protection against free radical damage. Spirulina is used worldwide to supplement diets of those in areas where food is in short supply.
Red Marine algae has more carbohydrates than the others, plus magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc and many micronutrients to balance this superb formula. Potassium helps balance blood pH, important because many chemical reactions depend on a proper acid/alkaline environment in the body. Magnesium helps maintain healthy blood pressure, strong bones and nerve function. Stock# 1056-5 Look under Combination Herbs in the Index of Products for price.

What Makes NSP's "Super Algae" the Best

Concentrated source of chlorophyll for healthy blood

Highly assimilable trace minerals lacking in many agricultural soils    

Large percentage of natural protein with all essential amino acids

Natural source of vitamin B12 rarely found in nature

Excellent source of DNA/RNA for cellular integrity

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