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Nature's Sunshine Products
Exclusively for Women
Helping You Get the Most Out of Life

Nature's Prenatal & Natural Changes

No limits. That's the reality for today's woman. She can be anything she wants to be--student, wife, mother, teacher, business owner, political leader. Today's woman enjoys a world of opportunities her grandmother only dreamed about. Taking advantage of these opportunities often leaves a woman with little time to care for her own body and mind. Because of the unique demands upon their minds and bodies, women have special nutritional needs. Nature's Sunshine boasts a quarter-century of experience formulating and refining products to meet those needs. For Nature's Sunshine, the creation of herbal-vitamin-mineral supplements especially for women is an expert blend of science and art. You owe it to yourself to take care of yourself. You have a lot of living to do.

Pamper Yourself & Your Baby During This Special Time

A developing baby completely depends upon its mother for proper nutrition. Nothing should be spared in making sure you give your baby a healthy start in life. A woman short in nutrients essential for proper fetal growth risks having a baby that suffers from low birth weight or birth defects. For example, the B vitamin folic acid is vital to proper development of the spinal cord and my reduce the risk of birth defects of the brain and spinal column, like spinal bifida. Adequate iodine is essential for thyroid development, which regulates growth and metabolism. It's not just the baby that has special nutritional needs. It's just as important to prevent the developing child from robbing its mother of nutrients and creating eventual shortfalls. A pregnant woman needs additional supplementation for her own health's sake as well.

New! Nature's Prenatal Multivitamin and Mineral. Dietary Supplement During Pregnancy and Lactation

You want only the best for your baby. That's why you should reach for Nature's Prenatal, from the company you can trust to give you the very best in health supplements. Formulated for pregnant and lactating women, Nature's Prenatal provides a balanced combination of vitamins and minerals to support the nutritional needs of both mother and baby. It also contains ginger, to help soothe the stomach. It's free of artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners, sugar, yeast, gluten, lactose, milk, soy or wheat so you can use it with complete confidence. We recommend that pregnant and lactating women also supplement their diets to ensure that they get at least 1,500 to 2,000 mg calcium daily (see NSP's Calcium with Magnesium and Vitamin D). Pregnant women need about 300 extra calories per day, 65% more protein, 100% more folic acid, 30-50% more calcium, 13% more magnesium, 33% more vitamin C, 60% more vitamin A.

Ease Through the Changes of Life--Naturally

Change is a natural part of life. Nature's Sunshine can help you through it, naturally. Around the age of 50, many women experience troublesome symptoms due to the ovaries' gradual decrease in estrogen production. Many women give their body a nutritional boost with herbs and vitamins to ease them through this changing season of life. Nature's Sunshine offers natural products you can use with complete confidence.

New! Natural Changes

Natural Changes combines our most popular nutritional and herbal supplements for mature women into easy-to-use packets. The finest herbs, essential fatty acids, and antioxidant nutrients nourish the body naturally to help it cope with changes, but won't interfere with normal body processes. You can use it with confidence and without fear of unpleasant side-effects. Each packet contains two capsules of C-X (black cohosh root, squaw vine herb, licorice root, blessed thistle herb, Siberian ginseng root, false unicorn root, sarsaparilla root), one Vitamin E with Selenium, one Wild Yam/Chaste Tree, one Flax Seed Oil (provides essential fatty acids), and one Nutri-Calm (excellent source of vitamins B and C). Each package contains 42 packets per bag, enough for two packets a day taken morning and evening with meals.

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Nature's Prenatal
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