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Protecting Women's Health
Ten Things
You Can Do Now!

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by David Skousen

Preventative "medicine" is simply living as Mother Nature intended. Here are some general tips to help every woman feel better in her busy, world of duties, demands...and stress:

1. Energy
Cells need oxygen to burn glucose. Vitamins C & E also participate inthe process. In addition, Co-Enzyme Q10, as well as the amino acid 1-Carnitine, are used by tiny fuel burners (called mitochondria) within each cell. The adrenal glands require vitamin C & B-complex vitamins to function properly. The adrenals help adjust energy levels to meet special demands, like "fight or flight." The thyroid gland, located in the throat, controls metabolism throughout the body. Trace minerals, like those found in kelp, help to strengthen the thyroid.

2. Weight Management
Make raw foods as much as 80% of your diet to increase digestive efficiency and assimilate more nutrients. Raw food is much easier on the body, and you'll have more energy after a meal...instead of feeling like you need a nap! Exercise burns calories, improves circulation and energy and provides you with a general feeling of well-being.

3. Hormone Health
Chronic stress and inadequate nutrient intake are common reasons for hormone imbalance. Hormone problems can be complex, but knowing some basics about how the body functions will help you track down a particular imbalance. For example, the pituitary gland in the brain controls hormone production in other glands. If the pituitary gives incorrect instructions, the rest of the body will be thrown out of balance. This cascading effect often makes it hard to tell where the problem is coming from..

4. Fitness
Making sure clean, oxygenated blood gets into all the tissues is important for both nourishing and carrying away the waste products of each cell. Sedentary living allows cells to slow down, burn less fat, and smother in their own waste. Mild exercise, consistently performed three or four times a week for 30 minutes to an hour, is crucial for maintaining muscle tone and good circulation..

5. Eating Well
Increasing the percentage of raw food in your diet will build up the enzyme supply of your digestive system. Along with better digestion, this will also help quell some unnatural eating habits encouraged by overcooked, processed, additive-laden and devitalized food. Inferior foods merely increase your appetite in order to satisfy your body's need for nutrients. Taking supplements to help replace dietary shorfallos has been shown to benefit people in many ways.

6. Stress Management
Mild stress is good because it stimulates the whole system to perform more effectively. Chronic over-stress is another matter. Some of the first signs of chronic stress are nervous anxiety, sleep difficulties, and digestive problems. Strong emotions, or even subtle ones from the subconscious, usually affect the solar plexus near the stomach, diminishing your digestive powers. Exercise is a great way to release the grip of tense muscles that prevents proper digestion and blood flow to the tissues, and also helps to free the mind from overdrive. Other stress relievers include visiting with someone you can share your stress with, even if they don't have the answers you want. Thinking it out with someonek, or in many cases, meditaing alone in a peaceful place will allow the "dust to settle" and clarify many difficulties. Various supplements help the body with stress by replacing nutrients frequently depleted. These may include nutrients like calcium and magnesium; herbs like hops, passion flower and valerian are also popular. Peppermint is commonly used, too.

7. Habits
Sometimes even the greatest believer in a healthy lifestyle can't seem to get rid of nasty habits like smoking or excessive alcohol consumption. However, such cravings can be dealt with, depending on your body's needs. An easy way to begin is to consider homeopathic remedies. In addition, various supplements are easily available to make up for dietary needs these habits cause.

8. Environment
So many pollutants sneak into us throughour food, lungs and skin that often we don't know where our health problems are coming from. Many of us are not able to move out into cleaner air, drink pure water or eat uncontaminated food (at least for now), so taking supplements to fight pollution stress becomes necessary. Drink plenty of pure water. Stay away from smoke of any kind. Remember that a variety of antioxidants is vitally important to neutralize the rise of free radicals in a polluted invironment.

9. Motherhood, and Beyond
Having a healthy baby begins long before conception. For example, folic acid before and early in pregnancy is important. Proper calcium supplies early in a woman's life have been shown to help protect aging bones later on, but it's never too late to begin by taking supplements and improve both your diet and exercise regimen. A woman's monthly cycle is often a good indicator of how she's caring for herself. Hormone imbalances often exhibit symptoms that are keys to what may be lacking in the diet. After chilbearing years, solid dietary practices help the body keep up with glandular slowdowns, and accompanied with rest and proper exercise, have proven far more beneficial than harsh and dangerous drugs.

10. Emotional Health
We all have emotional stress. Consider what triggered that emotion. If you can't find anything from the outside environment, it's possible that your body is dealing with an inside problem. For example, when the immune system is active, some people feel tired and depressed. There's the clue-you're probably fighting a germ. Rest, take appropriate supplements and discover what makes you feel better. Always support your body while it deals with various trials, remembering that such diverse problems as emotional outbursts, fatigue, skin eruptions, and cravings can result from the same chemical/nutritional imbalance. This fact may help take the mystery out of those times when you can't seem to find the answers you need for better health.Have a Healthy Day.............:)

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Ref: Sunshine Horizons - Vol. 21 No. 4 - May 1996