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"Catalog of Products"

"Nature's Sunshine Products"

"Weight Management Products"

Appetite Control 1 fl. oz.8722-4$10.75
Cellu-Smooth 90 caps  New Product924-2$44.75
CleanStart  (28 drink pkts, 28 capsule pkts)  New Product3999-7$59.95
UltimateBuild  (28 drink pkts, 28 capsule pkts)  New Product3998-9$59.95
1 CleanStart & 1 UltimateBuild  New Product9749-2$119.90
Chinese Fen-Chi 150 caps2925-3$29.95
Chinese Thermo-Chi 42 packets3100-3$36.90
Collatrim 16 oz.3060-9$46.50
Collatrim 180 caps3065-4$26.95
Fat Grabbers 120 caps2937-0$22.00
Fat Grabbers 360 caps 2948-6$58.20
Fat Grabbers Grab Pack 45 packets 4017-3$31.20
Garcinia-Chi  42 packets3105-5$35.70
Garcinia Combination906-9$26.70
GlanDiet Supplement Type A 84 tabs2915-9$ 8.70
GlanDiet Supplement Type G 84 tabs2917-2$ 8.70
GlanDiet Supplement Type P 84 tabs2921-6$ 8.70
GlanDiet Supplement Type T 84 tabs2923-1$ 8.70
MetaboMax  formerly Metaboslim  90 tabs   (a 15 day supply) 2924-9$29.95
MetaboMax/Fat Grabbers Combo (1 of each & Save!)  New Product2903-6$51.45
MetaboStart 14 day supply  New Product3007-0$59.95
MetaboStart & CleanStart  New Product9130-1$119.90
MetaboStart & UltimateBuild  New Product9112-6$119.90
MetaboStart & CleanStart & UltimateBuild  New Product9133-5$179.85
Nature's Cleanse  (4-1 week pkgs.) 4063-1$67.25
Nature's Syner-Slim  (30 day supply) 2952-2$89.75
Nature's Thermo-Trim  (30 day supply)2950-7$89.75
Pyruvate 100 caps  New Product3681-3$27.50
Slim-Chi 120 caps 2927-8$29.95
Sunshine Slender 24.75 oz. Cocoa 3201-7$26.95
Sunshine Slender 24.75 oz. Vanilla 3200-6$26.95
Nature's Weight Loss Shaker2992-1$2.50
Weight Loss Kit (Caliper, Shelf Talkers, Etc.)2453-5$15.00

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