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Vitamin and Mineral Supplements:
The Cheapest Health Insurance You Can Buy

Since we aren't getting the trace minerals and nutrients we need to be healthy from our grocery carts, it is obvious that we need to supplement our diets. Where do we begin? Many people feel that taking a good multiple vitamin and mineral combination is probably the cheapest "health insurance" you can buy.

Sacred Springs 
Many years ago a rancher in Southern Utah developed some health problems. A Native American ranch hand told him that somewhere on his property there was a sacred spring which the Indians had used for healing purposes. The rancher found the spring, started bottling the water and drinking it. His health problems cleared up.

He then started selling the bottled water to friends and family members. They also reported positive benefits from drinking the water. This naturally made him curious, so he got a geologist to examine the spring. The geologist reported that the water from the spring flowed over the remains of an ancient sea bed. Within the clay from this ancient ocean were the remains of microscopic plants and animals containing a rich supply of minerals. The water was dissolving these minerals.

Since this is an isolated incident, you might pass it off as just fanciful thinking or some exaggerated story concocted for marketing purposes. However, all over the world, mineral springs and mineral waters have been reported to have wondrous healing properties. Many health retreats and sanatoriums have been built around such springs. Furthermore, very healthy and long-lived people's, like the Hunza's, have consumed water from glacial runoff which is also very rich in trace elements.

Mineral Supplements 
Today, you do not have to travel to a sacred spring to get trace mineral water. The clay from these ancient sea beds is now mined and sold in tableted form. It is also leeched to produce a concentrated mineral water which can be diluted for drinking.

Super Supplemental V&M  is an excellent choice for your daily vitamin and mineral supplement. It not only contains all the major vitamins, it also contains many minerals and nutrients.

Not all the trace elements and nutrients, however, are found in Super Supplemental. Let's look at some other supplements which can help to rebuild and safeguard our health.

Mineral Maintenance  contains montmorillonite, a clay from one of these ancient sea beds. It supplies random amounts of about 80 trace minerals. If you have good digestion, adding a couple of mineral maintenance tablets in your diet every day can help insure that you get the minerals you need. If you don't have good digestion, it is wise to take them with a Protein Digestive Aid, because before the minerals in this clay can be utilized by the body, they must be dissolved into a liquid form by the action of hydrochloric acid and water.

Mineral Maintenance is not only valuable for people; animals and plants benefit from it, too. Crushing some of the tablets and adding them to your pet's food not only helps insure they get the minerals they need, it also helps to keep their intestinal tracts free of parasites. The tablets can also be crushed and put into the soil of house plants.

Because most Americans have digestive problems, a better trace mineral supplement for most people is Aromin (short for aromatic minerals). Aromin contains concentrated mineral water made from the ancient sea bed discovered by the Utah rancher. Formulated by L. Carl Robinson, Aromin also contains glycerine and volatile oils which improve the utilization of the minerals.

Aromin comes in two blends, the Day Blend and the Nite Blend. Both contain random amounts of 60-70 trace minerals. The difference is in the aromatherapy blend found in each product. About ten years of experience went into blending these volatile oils.

The oils found in the Aromin Day Blend tend to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system. That's the branch of the autonomic nervous system which "winds you up" or gets you going. So, the Day Blend is designed to be taken in the morning to increase energy. This blend is excellent if you have a hard time getting started in the morning.

The Aromin Nite Blend, on the other hand, contains oils which stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. That's the branch of the nervous system which helps you wind down and relax. So, try taking the Nite Blend in the evening to help you relax and sleep better. This blend is very helpful if you feel uptight at the end of the day and have a hard time relaxing.

Some people's nervous system's react differently, so occasionally people will find the Nite Blend stimulating and the Day Blend relaxing. If this happens to you, it's nothing to be concerned about, just change the way you use the formulas.

Because the trace minerals and volatile oils in Aromin enter into so many biochemical reactions, almost anybody could benefit from taking the product. Many users report that they only need half as many herbs and supplements as they did before. Most notice an overall improvement in their health.

After about two or three months of using the product daily, however, most people find they only need to take it occasionally. This is because their trace mineral reserves are restored.

Aromin also makes a great plant food. Use one capful (one ounce) per pint of water and spray it on the leaves of house plants or in the garden. Not only does this help to build up the mineral reserves of the plants, the volatile oils are natural insecticides and can help to prevent insect damage and disease.

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