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Nature's Sunshine Products
Ultimate Echinacea
Building Your Immune System

  Ultimate Echinacea

Highly acclaimed as an immune-enhancing herb, echinacea is a top-selling product that's safe and effective for adults and children.

When to use echinacea:


Echinacea is one of the most useful herbs you can buy simply because it does much more than nourish the immune system. Called "King of the Blood Purifiers," echinacea benefits the lymphatic system, too. By strengthening both the immune and lymphatic systems, the blood is cleared of many encumbrances that may lead to health issues later. And echinacea does its job without dangerous side-effects.

By using the combines benefits of several echinacea species, Ultimate Echinacea is a powerful food that stands ready like a fire extinguisher to help the body quench microbial flare-ups--and even prevent them.

Careful preparation of echinacea as a concentrated liquid is necessary to preserve maximum potential of the roots, the most desired portion. While the fresh or dried herb can be successfully used as a dietary supplement, a tincture of the dried root may bring superior results. Ultimate Echinacea uses only the roots, and is especially important for those who require faster and better assimilation.

Look at the advantages of each specie:
E. purpurea has been highly researched in Germany. The purple coneflower contains polysaccharides found to help the body protect itself from common invaders like Candida albicans.
E. angustifolia contains echinacoside, beneficial to the immune system. Even though all three species were sought by Native Americans, this specie enjoyed an extremely wide range of usage--from a smoke fumigant to treating distemper in horses.
E. pallida was also popular with Native Americans for similar purposes as E. angustifolia, but was only available in open woods, glades and prairies.

Ultimate Echinacea has been prepared with naturally sweet glycerin rather than alcohol, which also preserves the necessary ingredients.

Adults: Take approximately 15-20 drops in water with a meal three time daily.

Children age 6 or older: Take approximately 5-10 drops in water with a meal three times daily.

Pregnant or lactating women should consult their health care provider before using.

When taking Ultimate Echinacea, you are getting the best, purest and most natural concentrate on the market today! Stock#  3181-2  2fl.oz.

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