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NSP's Personal Study Program
"Back to School"
in Your Own Home

"If you have a mailing address, we can educate you."

Learn about NSP products at your leisure. Hear experts like Dr. Alvin Segelman and Dr. James Scala share their knowledge--at your convenience. Just pop in a tape while driving in your car, listen while you garden or exercise; design your own class schedule and punch into the program wherever you like. You're in charge!

Our Personal Study Program took a year to develop, and is designed to "Develop product knowledge and how to share NSP products with integrity." Get off to a fabulous start with Volume I, containing six audio tapes with the following information:

Tape 1: Find out about relief for the inflammation and congn. caused by allergies and asthma.

Tape 2: Hear about the connection between fat and fiber.

Tape 3: Find out why you may need an enzyme supplement to aid digestion if you're over 35.

Tape 4: Find out how to help children with attention deficit disorder (ADD).

Tape 5: Find out how to relive the pain and inflammation of arthritis.

Tape 6: Hear testimonials and business tips from successful NSP Managers.

There's no need to listen to the tapes in order; choose what you want to listen to.

Volume I includes a workbook to guide you along, providing self-tests to see how you're doing. After finishing the complete course, send the final self-test to Home Office and receive a certificate of completion.

Volume 1 of the Personal Study Program only $41.95.  Volume 2 only $31.95.  Volume 3 only $25.00

We've designed this Personal Study Program for everyone who ever wanted to learn more about natural health, but didn't have the time to do it. Now you can put in a tape, listen and learn while you're taking care of errands.

"This is going to be the stepping-stone for Distributors wanting to learn more in our Distributor and Natural Health and Business Schools," Says Bob Shaffer, Director of Sales Training.

And it's going to make a big difference in helping thousands develop a strong knowledge of NSP products. Each distributor will learn how to develop his NSP business quickly and responsibly, tailored to both customer needs and distributor's own business style. Vol. II; Understanding and Presenting the NSP Marketing Plan. Volume II includes:

A fast-paced and educational video that clearly explains how Distributors can build a profitable sales organization using the Nature's Sunshine marketing plan. Viewers will come away with a greater understanding of the full financial potential of doing business with NSP.

A motivational cassette tape that features advice and perspectives from some of NSP's most successful Managers. You'll learn firsthand just how much one can achieve with NSP, and you'll receive helpful hints on sponsoring, like what successful Managers look for in potential new Distributors. And Volume III completes the study program!

An easy-to-follow flip chart that provides you with a strong foundation and visual aids in helping you explain the NSP business opportunity to others.

A portable flash card version of the flip chart so you can talk about the marketing plan almost anywhere. Especially valuable for Managers who are on the go.

Have a Nice Day!

Product Name:Stock No:Retail:
Personal Study Program, Vol.12574-3 (Eng.)$41.95
Personal Study Program, Vol. 22574-3 (Eng.)$31.95
Personal Study Program, Vol.32574-3 (Eng.)$25.00
Personal Study Program, Vol. 12576-1 (Span.)$41.95
Personal Study Program, Vol. 22576-1 (Span.)$31.95
Personal Study Program, Vol. 32576-1 (Span.)$25.00

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