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Nature's Sunshine Products
Enjoy a Good Nights Sleep


NSP's SnorEase helps reduce the tendency to snore.
SnorEase has a unique formulation with three key ingredients: Fructus aurantia immaturi (immature bitter orange), bromelain and coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). These three components work together to help promote maximum air flow. Fructus aurantia immaturi contains natural synephrine. It also inhibits histamine production. Bromelain is a food enzyme that helps break down mucus. Too much mucus is in the pharyngeal-nasal area, it can promote snoring. CoQ10 works with the circulatory system to promote normal night-time breathing.
In preliminary tests involving 34 people who snore, 84 percent of the participants said their snoring decreased while using SnorEase. Fifty-two percent said their snoring decreased significantly. Some of the participants also said SnorEase helped relieve their postnasal drip. If you are a person who suffers from snoring, or who suffers from the snoring of others, you will want to investigate the quieting abilities of SnorEase.Sleep without snoring with SnorEase!

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Benefits of SnorEase: