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Nature's Sunshine Products
Skinny Formula

  SF  System:  General Nutrition

SF is designed to support the body's weight-control mechanisms, with added benefits for the urinary and digestive systems. The body demands certain nutrients in higher quantities during times of balancing, hence the choice of herbs in this formula.  SF provides chromium, fiber, iron, magnesium, manganese, silicon and zinc.  Natural fibers, oils, enzymes, and vitamins add to the wholesome effect of this product. An appetite suppresser. Available in gelatin capsules and all-botanical Vegitabs.  Contains: Chickweed herb, Cascara sagrada bark, Licorice root, Safflowers flower, Parthenium root, Black walnut hulls, Gotu kola herb, Hawthorn berries, Papaya fruit, Fennel seeds, Dandelion root, Take two capsules/tablets 30 minutes before meals, or as desired; ATC concentrated, take one capsule with meals twice daily.
Stock No. 1060-7 (100) capsules
Stock No. 1058-4 (100) Vegitabs
Stock No. 1063-4 (50) ATC Concentrated

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