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Nature's Sunshine Products
Saw Palmetto
For Optimal Prostate Function

Saw Palmetto Concentrate


Help men support the optimal function of the prostate gland.

Eating plenty of wholesome food, supplementing your diet with vitamin E and zinc, and using saw palmetto capsules can help men support the optimal function of the prostate gland. Known scientifically as serenoa repens, the berries of saw palmetto, a semi-tropical dwarf palm, help men maintain this important gland.

Native North Americans ate both the fruits and seeds of saw palmetto as food, and early settlers noticed that after livestock fed on it, the animals showed noticeable benefits in overall health.
Now that science has produced further evidence of the nutritional power of this important herb, why not provide your body with the highest quality product available? Nature's Sunshine now offers a liquid concentrate softgel capsule with 160 mg of standardized saw palmetto and a minimum of 85 percent beta-sitosterols. These fatty acids are the most sought-after components in saw palmetto.
Two softgels a day provides 320 mg of standardized concentrate. According to recent clinical studies, this is the suggested amount to help maintain men's hormonal balance. (This product had been offered as a once-a-year special. It's now available year-round at an economical price.) Stock#635-9  60 liquid concentrate softgel capsules   Have a Healthy Life!

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