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Nature's Sunshine Products
The Best Remedy For The Common Cold

You wake up in the early morning hours. Your nose is running, your throat hurts, and you feel achy all over. Welcome to the cold and flu season.

Unfortunately, people are usually more susceptible to illness during the winter months than any other season. Forty percent of time missed from the work place is attributed to a cold or influenza.

Why do people get so many colds and flu?

To begin with, more than 200 different viruses can cause a cold. People spend more time inside in the winter, and colds and flu are contagious. A virus is contagious from 24 to 48 hours before an individual even shows any symptoms.

Also, every time you cough, sneeze or blow your nose, you are spreading the virus. Explains Tara Skye Goldin, a naturopathic physician practicing in Boulder, Colo., "People stay indoors in bad weather. You're closer to other people, and you pass germs along more readily."

What kind of shape your immune system is in will determine whether or not you catch a virus, and if you do, how long it will last. Typically, a cold can last anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.

If you have a compromised immune system, you are more likely to become ill, and if you become ill, your illness is more likely to last longer.

The Good News!

There are several ways you can reduce the chance of catching a cold or the flu, and, if you get sick, reduce the severity of the illness.

Wash Hands....
The first and simplest step is to wash your hands often. While you can catch a cold through viruses passed through the air, more germs are transmitted through hand contact than any other way.

Moderate exercise can help prevent illness by keeping the metabolism up, toning muscles, and helping to reduce or maintain the percent of body fat. Moderate exercise has also been proven to fight moderate depression, which may occur during the winter months.

Be careful not to overdo; excessive exercise during cold months can tax the body and thereby suppress the immune system.

For optimal health, exercise moderately all year round using NSP's PrimeForm Fitness products.

Refer to the PrimeForm Total Fitness Guidebook, available on the NSP Master Price List, for more information about optimal fitness.

Eat right....
A sensible diet, enhanced by NSP's nutritional supplements, will help ensure that your body has all the nutrients necessary to stay healthy.

Strengthen the immune system....
Simple things like cold fronts coming in and the change in temperature from warm to cold as we go about our daily tasks can affect the immune system," says Dr. Goldin. "The body has to adjust rapidly to temperature changes and the body's reserves are being used for temperature regulation. This stresses the immune system," Goldin says.

To reduce the chances of catching a cold or flu, you must ensure that your immune system is functioning to its highest capacity. Nature's Sunshine can help you maintain a healthy supply of nutrients for your immune and other body systems.

NSP can also help you address physical symptoms with homeopathic remedies. "Herbal medicine and homeopathics have been used for centuries,: Dr. Goldin says, "and they are very effective in boosting the immune system."

The following nutritional supplements and remedies are some of the most popular products in demand this time of year.

Nutritional Support Products For The Respiratory System for "Adults":
Elderberry ComboLobeliaMarshmallow & FenugreekMullein
SN-XSuper Supplemental Vitamins & MineralsMineral MaintenancePrimeForm Products
(when exercising)

Nutritional Support Products For The Respiratory System for "Children":
Chewable Antioxidants with GrapineElderberry PlusMulleinMultiple Vitamins and Minerals Plus Iron

Nutritional Support Products For The Immune System for "Adults":
Beta-caroteneCC-ACC-A ReliefCC-A w/Yerba Santa
Chinese Defense ShieldColloidal SilverDefense MaintenanceEchinacea/Golden Seal Liquid
Echinacea PurpureaElderberry ComboGolden SealGrapine, High Potency
IGS IIIMM-CLymphomaxSuper Supplemental V&M
Thim-jVitamin A, CVS-CZinc

Nutritional Support Products For The Immune System for "Children":
Beta-caroteneCBG ExtractChewable Antioxidants w/GrapineChewable Vitamin C
Echinacea PurpureaEchinacea/Golden SealElderberry PlusMultiple Vitamins & Minerals Plus Iron (chewable or liquid)

Nature's Sunshine's Homeopathic Medicines

While many modern medicines get rid of symptoms you want to eliminate, they can cause side-effects. Not homeopathic medicines. Developed over 150 years ago, these completely safe remedies don't merely "cover" symptoms like most other midicines. Instead, they work to cure what causes them in the first place, utilizing minute quantities of natural substances to stimulate the body's natural defenses and healing processes.

Homeopathics for Adults
Cold: For runny nose, sneezing, headache, sore throat and shortness of breath associated with cold symptoms.
Cough Syrup: Homeopathic Cough Syrup comes in three forms:
1. DH for dry, hacking, hoarse cough accompanying minor illness, allergies and throat irritations.
2. LP for congestion with loose, moist phlegm and difficult expectoration.
3. NT for nighttime cough which disturbs sleep and is due to minor illness.
Fatigue/Exhaustion: For symptoms due to sleeplessness, illness, overwork or physical stress.
Sinus: Designed for stuffy or runny nose and headaches due to common sinusitis.
Sore Throat/Laryngitis: Helpful for minor sore throat, hoarseness and laryngitis.
Viral Recovery: Homeopathic Viral Recovery is designed to help symptoms of weakness and lack of stamina after viral illness.

Homeopathics for Children
Cold: For runny nose, sneezing, headache, sore throat pain. Also try Calming, Cough Syrup, Fever, and Distress Remedy.
Cough: For common colds, minor throat and/or bronchial irritation. Also consider Asthma, Calming, Cold, & Distress Remedy.
For minor internal ear pain, throbbing and achiness, irritability due to pain, and restless discomfort, use Distress Remedy and Pain.
For symptoms of colds and flu use Calming, Cold, and Distress Remedy.

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