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Dynamic New NSP Presenter Draws Praise

"Anybody can build a business with this tool, no matter who they are"

C linton Sellers remembers when learning how to build a successful Nature's Sunshine business could take months ... or years. But that was before Nature's Sunshine introduced the NSP Presenter.

Today, he says, learning the ropes to business success takes about 30 minutes.
Clinton, Director of Sales and Marketing for the UK, said the Presenter flip chart provides an opportunity for anyone--including those new to natural health--to enjoy immediate business success. What makes the Presenter so effective, he said, is that it can be duplicated by anyone, regardless of education and experience.
"It's a simple, duplicatable concept," Clinton said. "Anyone can build a business with this tool, no matter who they are."

Simple, yet effective

The 44-page, full-color Presenter is divided into three sections. The first section serves as an introduction to NSP and natural health. The second section teaches about the body systems and the products that support those systems. The third section presents the NSP compensation plan.
The Presenter's first section is a superior marketing tool because it not only gets people excited about signing up but shows them how easily the business can be shared with others. The first section answers questions up front--questions about NSP's inception, dynamic growth, business opportunity, superior products, quality control and lengthy reign as one of the nation's best small companies. This section also explains how NSP health supplements can solve today's growing health crisis.
"The first section can be used over and over again,: said Craig Dalley, an NSP Sales Training Manager. "You can learn to use it in less than an hour, then you're done."
Like Clinton, Craig attributes the Presenter's effectiveness to its ease of use.
"It's simple. It's got pictures. It's completely scripted and outlined on the back of each page," he said. "All you have to do is point at the front and read the back. People will ask, 'That's all I have to do? That's it?'"

It works

The Presenter's first section is an excellent way to introduce people to NSP at any meeting. Those using the Presenter can present the entire first section or just as few pages to make a particular point. From experienced Managers to downline members, from prospective sign-ups to curious newcomers--all will find the Presenter's introduction to NSP interesting and informative.
Clinton, who has worked "in this industry all my life," said Nature's Sunshine's products are superior to any others on the market. Combining those products with the NSP sales plan creates a powerful formula for success. The Presenter shows that formula "in a really dynamic and powerful way," Clinton said. "It's a way that captures people's attention. It works!"
Buy an NSP Presenter today and take advantage of our introductory price of only $39.95. The price goes up to $49.95 in October '98, so don't delay!
Stock# 2407-9 NEW! NSP Presenter   Have a Healthy Heart & Arteries!

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Reference: Sunshine HORIZONS Vol. 23 No. 7   July 1998