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Nature's Sunshine Products
Liquid Morinda
NSP's Whole-Body Tropical Tonic

  Liquid Morinda


Amazing Morinda Citrifolia Fruit
Known by several different names throughout Polynesia and other tropical and subtropical regions of the world, the Morinda citrifolia plant has been used for centuries for its multiple nutritional benefits. The Morinda plant's white blossoms develop into pungent-smelling fruit that yields Morinda's amazing juice.
Traditional Uses
The Morinda plant has been used for thousands of years throughout Polynesia and other tropical and subtropical regions of the world in myriad folk preparations targeting the digestive, immune, intestinal and respiratory systems. Morinda is also known for supporting the nervous and skeletal systems (especially painful joints), promoting healthy skin and creating a general sense of well-being.
Morinda's Merits
Studies show that Morinda juice may help the body deal with numerous conditions, including high blood pressure, menstrual cramps, arthritis, gastric ulcers, injuries, mental depression, poor digestion, arteriosclerosis, blood vessel problems, general aches and pains ... the list goes on. Morinda truly is a whole-body tonic.
Invigorating Ingredients
Morinda juice contains unique phytonutrients, selenium, xeronine and its precursor, proxeronine.
  • Phytonutrients nourish the body's cells, tissues and organs. They also fight damage caused by aging, harmful chemicals and pollution.
  • Selenium is a naturally occurring antioxidant.
  • Xeronine, an alkaloid, is the key phytonutrient component responsible for Morinda's many unique health benefits. Though Morinda contains only small amounts of xeronine, it contains significant amounts of proxeronine and the enzyme that releases xeronine from proxeronine.
    Two Tablespoons A Day
    NSP's Morinda juice, available in quart bottles, contains reconstituted Morinda fruit juice, natural flavors and no preservatives. Take 2 tablespoons daily at least 30 minutes before meals. Drinking the juice on an empty stomach allows the proper activation of the enzyme that releases xeronine from proxeronine.
    Quality Assurance
    NSP's Quality Assurance team and cutting-edge technology allow us to market the finest and purest Morinda available in the world. We don't limit our search for the best Morinda to one South Pacific island. We search long and hard until we're satisfied that the quality of our Morinda is unbeatable. Then we offer that top quality at a competitive price.
    The NSP Advantage
    • Contains the finest Polynesian morinda fruit.
    • Carefully tested to meet NSP quality and purity standards.
    • Nutritionally supports multiple body systems.
    • Has pleasant tropical taste.

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