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Nature's Natural Supplements

Nutrition is not a function of isolated chemicals; it is a function of whole foods. So, even if we're getting all the trace minerals we need, there are still numerous other substances our bodies require. Many are not yet recognized by nutritional researchers and hence, are not available in supplements.

That's where herbs come in. Herbs are nature's natural nutritional supplements. Many herbs are rich in trace minerals and a whole host of other substances which work with them. Here are some valuable mineral-rich herbs to consider. Consider these herbs as possible "once-a-day" supplements for getting the nutrients your food may be missing.

Kelp -  This plant from the sea not only contains iodine, but a whole host of other important trace elements. It can be sprinkled onto food as a salt substitute (because of it's mild salty taste) or mixed in with soups, stews or whatever.

Alfalfa -   Known as the "king of herbs," alfalfa sends roots deep into the soil and picks up trace elements that other plants can't reach. No wonder it is so valuable as animal feed. It also helps heal the soil when tilled in as a "green manure." For people, it is the single best herbal source for trace minerals.

Combination Three -   Contains kelp alfalfa and a third mineral-rich herbs, dandelion. This formula is not only a good source of nutrients for people, it makes an excellent supplement for pets, too.

Bee Pollen -   This "super food" contains trace amounts of every nutrient known to man. It is used as an energy food and to help combat allergies.

Red Raspberry -   This plant is rich in manganese, one of the essential trace elements. It is particularly valuable as a daily supplement for pregnant women.

Barley Greens -   The young barley grass is one of the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet. It contains all the nutrients known to be essential for human health.

Parsley -   This ordinary garnish contains a surprisingly high amount of important minerals.

The list could go on, but the important thing to remember is that herbs aren't just useful as natural medicines. They make excellent nutritional supplements, too.


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