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Nature's Sunshine Products
X-Action for Men
Enhances Men's Sex Drive


Male-Performance Supplement. Men's X-Action contains a synergistic herbal combination that enhances male performance, energy, activity and vitality levels, while supporting male reproductive health, including prostate function. X-Action features muira puama (ptychopetalum olacoides) stem concentrate and yohimbe bark (Pausinystalia johimbe) in a unique herbal base that provides nutritional factors valuable to men.

Muira puama is a common shrub indigenous to Brazil. Yohimbe, from the yohimbe tree of tropical West Africa, contains the alkloid yohimbine. Muira puama and yohimbe have long been valued for supporting and stimulating the nervous system.

X-Action comes in a powerful herbal base containing arginine, damiana leaves, oat straw leaves concentrate, say palmetto berries and DHEA is also added to provide supportive nutritional factors recognized as valuable to men. Take l three times daily, or as directed by your health care provider following DHEA level assessment.  X Action Stock No. 1113-7 100 caps

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X-Action Pack w/Yohimbe
Yohimbe is traditionally used to support the nervous system. Yohimbe bark contains a natural alkaloid called yohimbine, which has been used in Africa for centuries. This product is designed to help men achieve their full potential.

Each package contains a 15-day supply of product, divided into 15 AM and 15 PM packets. The AM packets are designed to provide an energy boost during the early after noon and contains the following capsules: one Herbal Pumpkin, two Korean Ginseng, one Ginkgo/Gotu Kola Concentrate, and zinc. The PM packets are designed to promote vitality and well-being and contains one X-Action, two Damiana, two Korean ginseng, one Ginkgo/Gotu Kola, and one zinc tablet.
X-Action Pack with Yohimbe (30 packets) Stock No. 3140-4

  Have a Healthy Life!

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