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Nature's Sunshine Products
Men & NSP
A Healthy Partnership

A Gentleman's Herbal Guide to Health
Page 2 of Men's Health Issue

For one reason or another, every man must eventually pay attention to his own health and seek to protect himself from the ravages of time and neglect. Better nutrition is a key to meeting this goal.

Men's health concerns tend to surface especially in the circulatory, nervous and glandular systems. Nature's Sunshine is ready to meet men's nutritional needs with a wide array of quality products that have a track record of benefits for untold thousands of men.

Herbal supplements, along with proper rest, exercise, stress control, and general supplements (like Super Supplemental and B-Complex) can do a lot to help meet a man's long-term goals of health and happiness.

     X-Action Pack w/Yohimbe
Yohimbe is traditionally used to support the nervous system. Yohimbe bark contains a natural alkaloid called yohimbine, which has been used in Africa for cinturies. This product is designed to help men achieve their full potential.

Each package contains a 15-day supply of product, divided into 15 AM and 15 PM packets. The AM packets are designed to provide an energy boost during the early after noon and contains the following capsules: one Herbal Pumpkin, two Korean Ginseng, one Ginkgo/Gotu Kola Concentrate, and zinc. The PM packets are designed to promote vitality and well-being and contains one X-Action, two Damiana, two Korean ginseng, one Ginkgo/Gotu Kola, and one zinc tablet.
X-Action Pack with Yohimbe (30 packets) Stock No. 3140-4

Male-Performance Supplement. Men's X-Action contains a synergistic herbal combination that enhances male performance, energy, activity and vitality levels, while supporting male reproductive health, including prostate function. X-Action features muira puama (ptychopetalum olacoides) stem concentrate and yohimbe bark (Pausinystalia johimbe) in a unique herbal base that provides nutritional factors valuable to men.

Muira puama is a common shrub indigenous to Brazil. Yohimbe, from the yohimbe tree of tropical West Africa, contains the alkloid yohimbine. Muira puama and yohimbe have long been valued for supporting and stimulating the nervous system.

X-Action comes in a powerful herbal base containing arginine, damiana leaves, oat straw leaves concentrate, say palmetto berries and DHEA.  X Action Stock No. 1113-7 100 caps

     Ginseng, Korean and Wild American
It's hard to find any single food with enough nutrients to meet all the body's energy needs and bring the glands into harmony. Based on its reputation, perhaps ginseng comes close. The most respected species, Korean (Panax ginseng) and Wild American (Panax quinquefolium), share similar properties.

Nature's Sunshine uses only the highest quality roots, absolutely necessary for getting the desired benefits. Many men and women use ginseng in the belief that it helps the body maintain peak condition.
Korean Stock No. 665-4 (100 caps)
Wild American (50 caps) Stock No. 725-8

     Masculine Tonic
Homeopathy is one of the more remarkable developments in medicine the last 200 years. It's an effective way to alleviate symptoms by harmonizing the body's energy fields using carefully processed elements (including plants, minerals, and a variety of other materials). Homeopathic remedies have proven beneficial even for some who found nothing else would work. The power of these elements must be experienced to be believed. Homeopathic remedies are formulated by established practices and sold as over-the-counter medicines.

Masculine Tonic supports the male endocrine and organ systems. When approplriate, be sure to see a qualified health professional before deciding your best treatment options.
Masculine Tonic (1 fl. oz.) Stock No. 8703-6

     Men's Formula
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Men's Formula was developed to help supply nutrients for the prostate, using the finest natural nutrients. Each capsule includes 54 mg of pygeum extract from South Africa (standardized to 2.5% total sterols, calculated as B-sisterol), 190 mg of saw palmetto extract (standardized to 20% essential fatty acids), 10 mg stinging nettle (standardized to 2% plant silica), 150 mg gotu kola, and 5 mg of the essential trace mineral zinc.
Men's Formula Concentrate (60 caps) Stock No. 3110-2

Here is one of the most unusual formulas you can find - 14 herbs combined in such a way that their dietary value benefits the pancreas and prostate in particular.

A healthy pancreas affects general digestion and blood sugar levels, while a healthy prostate prevents inflammation, pain, and urinary problems.

These herbs assist the body in maintaining the health of these organs. The formula contains golden seal, slippery elm, juniper berries, capsicum, uva ursi, dandelion, cedar berries, marshmallow, mullein, nettle, garlic, white oak bark, yarrow, and licorice.
P-14 (100 caps) Stock No. 1022-2

     PS II
NSP took its already popular glandular formula from the '70's - PS and improved it to create PS-II. Using herbs known to meet many of the expectations of men concerned about prostate health, this formula also helps the body maintain the entire urinary system. It includes black cohosh, golden seal, licorice, capsicum, kelp, ginger, gotu kola and dong quai.
PS II (100 caps) Stock No. 1050-8

This popular combination supports both the urinary and male reproductive systems. Important dietary factors used to maintain the integrity of these systems are contained in capsicum, golden seal, ginger, parsley, Siberian ginseng, uva ursi and marshmallow herb.
P-X (100 caps) Stock No. 1234-5

     Saw Palmetto
Popular in times past with Native Americans and early English settlers, saw palmetto is used today primarily to support male glandular tissues, especially the prostate. King's American Dispensatory, published in 1898, mentions this nutritional benefit, commenting that the herb "needs a more careful and extended study." Such studies have been under way for several years, and the results are encouraging as we consider the need for safe supplements for male glandular health.
Saw Palmetto (100 caps) Stock No. 630-4

Although women have also benefited from its use, X-A was designed primarily to support the male reproductive system. As a general dietary supplement, this popular combination helps the body balance various glandular functions.

The formula includes a host of famous herbs, which get high marks for important reproductive nutrients like vitamin A, chromium, iron, magnesium, manganese and zinc. Contains Siberian ginseng, parthenium, saw palmetto, gotu kola, damiana, sarsaparilla, horsetail, garlic, capsicum and chickweed.
X-A (100 caps) Stock No. 1110-4

This trace mineral has a profound effect on the immune system and the proper function of many enzymes, and is found in relatively high amounts in both the retina of the eye and the prostate gland. The Recommended Daily Allowance is 15 mg, about the weight of a third of a postage stamp. NSP zinc contains 25 mg per tablet (166% USRDA) for those who feel additional amounts are needed. Zinc gluconate, a highly absorbable form, is combined in a complementary base of kelp, thyme and alfalfa.
Zinc/25 mg (150 tabs) Stock No. 1657-9

Note: Individuals with serious problems should always consult a health professional to obtain an accurate understanding of particular needs.

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Ref: Sunshine Horizons Manager Edition Vol. 21 No. 5 June 1996