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Herbs are healthy..........)Take herbs to help stay healthy!
Nature's Sunshine Products
Weight Management


weight Management owes its name to the garcinia fruit, indigenous to Thailand and India. Garcinia is a popular condiment used in preparing foods from those lands. It is also the subject of numerous studies in U.S. and abroad investigating its nutritional benefits for weight management. NSP brings the potential of garcinia to consumers with Garcinia-Chi, a 14-day herbal food program.

Every Garcinia-Chi pack contains 42 individually wrapped packets, each a synergistic powerhouse of six capsules--two each of NSP;s exclusive Garcinia Combination, SF and Energ-V.
Take one packet before breakfast, lunch and dinner. Be sure to drink at least 8 ounces of Nature's Spring pure water along with the capsules.

Garcinia combination is an exclusive blend of garcinia, chickweed, chromium and l-carnitine. The garcinia consists of more that 50% hydroxycitric acid, its key constituent. SF provides chromium, fiber, iron, magnesium, manganese, silicon and zinc. Natural fibers, oils, enzymes and vitamins add to its wholesomeness. Energ-V provides nutrients necessary for optimal vitality such as manganese, sodium, zinc and vitamin A. Stock No. 3105-5 42 packets

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Herbs are Alternative Medicines!Herbs are Alternative Medicines!